Cheap Jewelry for Sale on Classified Sites: How to Avoid Wasting Your Money

If you are in the market for cheap jewelry for sale, you may turn to classified websites and online marketplaces. Websites, such as Craigslist, eBay, Oodle, and Backpage, are popular grounds for deal seekers. Although you can score a great deal on cheap, affordably priced jewelry, caution is advised. Unfortunately, scammers and frauds circle online classifieds for victims. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you can buy safely.

Tip #1: Know Common Jewelry Scams

The best level of defense is to be aware of common jewelry scams found online. First, there is a seller whom claims to have an item for sale, such as a vintage engagement ring. Although local, they are on vacation now; therefore, you must mail cash or wire transfer the money. Problem is they don’t have any item to sell; it is a fake listing. Second, there is the seller who just lies intentionally. They may claim to have a diamond engagement ring for sale, but the diamond is a fake.

Tip #2: Never Send Cash via Mail or Do Wire Transfers

It is okay to pay for a cheap or expensive piece of jewelry with cash in-person, but avoid sending it through the mail. Don’t fall for the “I’m on vacation scam, so you must wire transfer me the money,” scam either. If you truly find a cheap piece of jewelry for sale from a local seller, you should be able to meet them in person to inspect the item (ring) and pay with cash, check, or money order.

Tip #3: Get a Professional Inspection

If buying a $20 necklace from Craigslist, an inspection is not necessary. If buying an engagement ring for $75 or more, and inspection is advised. Ask the seller to meet you at a jeweler (one that you pick). For a small and reasonable fee, have it undergo a careful inspection. This small fee is more than worth the money if you find out beforehand the $200 diamond engagement ring for sale is a fake.

Tip #4: Never Agree to Buy Upfront

It is important to act fast when trying to buy cheap jewelry for sale. Another consumer may come along and snag that good deal otherwise. With that said, caution is advised for expensive pieces of jewelry. Never agree to buy upfront or pay upfront. Whether you have an item of jewelry inspected by a professional or if you handle the inspection yourself, making arrangements to view the item (not necessarily buy it), gives you an easy out if you are disappointed.

Tip #5: Keep Physical Safety in Mind

Please note that the chances of this happening are rare, but caution is still advised. Frauds or rather criminals will setup fake sales online. So let’s say you intend to buy a diamond wedding ring for $200. If it known that you are showing up for the sale with $200 in cash, you do run the risk of falling victim to theft. To combat this rare, but risky event, never carry large amounts of cash, choose a well-populated public location to meet, and bring a friend.

Now that you got some helpful tips, are you ready to start shopping?

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